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PC to Mobile SMS Software

Today is the age of Information technology. One has to be more informative to keep pace with this fast moving world. The Power of information technology is endless. If computer and communication technologies are combined, we can perform the most complex task in easiest and efficient way. One of such innovative approach is PC to mobile SMS software which is designed with advanced and quick broadcasting technology so that you can get global network coverage means that the system works anywhere in the world. Download free bulk SMS software sends instant text messages from your PC to mobile phone users globally.

Professional bulk texting utility is a complete solution to send text messages in bulk to a group of selected people straight from your computer without typing same message again and again. Customized mass messaging tool helps you to broadcast multiple text messages at same time all around the world without requiring any internet connection. It is an offline desktop application tool that helps you to manage your marketing campaigns and send customized messages to your target groups. You only pay for the messages you need – there are no additional charges.

PC to Mobile SMS Software

Due to its tremendous capability of sending large volume of text messages at a time, bulk SMS software is gaining popularity all over the world. The number of SMS messages delivered every day is enormous. Group messaging software with advanced and fast sms broadcasting technology is now one of the most important source of wireless carriers. What is so special about PC to Mobile SMS Software that makes it so popular worldwide? Some of the reasons are discussed below.

  • Convenient: You don’t need to rely on an Internet gateway, send & receive SMS right from your computer to any national or international mobile network.
  • Cost effective: Don’t need to buy SMS credit, pre-pay, or registration before start. Use your existing Nokia, Sony Ericsson, or Motorola mobile phone.
  • Send personalized as well as advertising SMS: One to many technology enables you to broadcast bulk SMS personalized or marketing SMS content to each recipient by importing contact numbers automatically from the phone book or manually.
  • Quick and fast: Software avoid repeating of typing same message again and again instead can you write the message once and can send it to thousand of contacts.
  • Send a wide variety of test messages: Mass SMS software is easy-to-use yet powerful marketing tool. You can send seasonal greetings, warm wishes, job alerts, and notifications, E-commerce and credit card transaction alerts, stock market alerts and dates reminder SMS.